Value Added Services

Assembly – Let Champion also do your component, subassembly and even main assembly work to save you time and money, and eliminate sources of damage.

Tooling Design – Why go through the headache and wasted time of working with a 3rd party tooling designer, especially when most tools have to be tweaked or modified before use. Champion Tooling can design and build your metalworking dies to ensure less leadtime, less downtime, and less waste.

Engineering – Let Champion Tooling design your next parts for you. Most companies have experienced brain drain and erosion of capabilities, so why not leverage Champion’s wealth of engineering talent to get the component design that best fits your needs?

Design Optimization – No design engineer can know everything. It takes a team of designers with diverse experiences and backgrounds to ensure that a design is optimized in terms of material and labor costs. Let our design team at Champion Tooling optimize the design of your parts based on our real-world experience with metal fabrication and machining. Your parts will cost less, take less time to run, and last longer.

Kanban Warehousing – While other companies just want to make parts and ship them, Champion Tooling understands your logistics needs. We offer valuable kanban warehousing and inventory services to ensure you only receive the parts you need, when you need them.

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